Second Time (or more) Home Buyer

“Ain’t my first rodeo – I’m an existing homeowner, ready for a new house!” Awesome. Whether you’re wanting to move into a new house or you think it would be fun to grow your real estate empire, we’re here to help! We’re expert path finders and can help map out how to get from here to signing loan docs on a new house. Below are three possible starting points. Please take a look at what we need from you in order to get your questions answered quickly and completely.

Which one of these scenarios is closest to your situation?

I need some basic guidance.

I have bought before, but this is a whole new ballgame. I’d love to flesh out some ideas to get a sense of what’s possible.

Super flexible.

How should I start?

It’s time to move.

I know I want to move, but what do I qualify for?  Do I have to sell my house first? Please tell me what my options really are.

Ready to start looking soon.

How should I start?

I’m ready to grow the empire!

 I’m thinking about buying a vacation home or an investment property. How much do I qualify for and how does it all pencil out?

I want to be in my realtor’s car this weekend.

How should I start?

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1st Time Homebuyer


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