About Salmon Community Bay Lending

Salmon Bay Community Lending is devoted to helping our borrowers responsibly achieve their homeownership goals in an environment that feels like home.

Our dedication to your goals, coupled with years of home mortgage experience gives us the flexibility to think creatively and act quickly in order to give you what you need: a smart home loan that fits your life with service you can rely on!

This is our commitment to you:

  • Your best interests are our top priority. We have the experience, resources, and savvy to advocate for your best interests, and that gets results.
  • We appreciate where you’re coming from. We will treat you with the same care we would want for ourselves.
  • You get a loan that fits your life. A good loan is more than a great rate. It has to work for your wallet as well as your way of life, and your goals as well as your gut. Our mortgage team takes the time to understand your situation and match you with the program that makes the most sense in every way.
  • We teach you as much, or as little, as you want to know. From terms to timing, and each line item to overall cost, we’ll explain the entire process.
  • We keep you in the loop. We aren’t big on surprises when it comes to home loans. We keep you and your Realtor updated on the progress of your application at every step.

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