Communication You Can Rely on!

Communication should be personable and good communication is pertinent while you are securing your home financing.

We strive to give our clients the best mortgage experience possible! Clear communication is a huge part of that equation and it is a priority to us! So every Friday all buyers & homeowners securing financing through Salmon Bay receive a personalized video on the status of their loan. 

We love the traditional ways of interacting with our clients and adding video to our communication tools is just another way we can improve our customers’ experience.  

5 unique qualities of the “Friday Update” videos

  1. Clients and real estate agents can rely on an update every Friday.
  2. Each video is personal and customized to the specific buyers circumstances
  3. An efficient and easy way to receive and understand important information
  4. The calendar visual in the video makes the timeline crystal clear
  5. All parties, that need to be, are kept in the loop!

5  Benefits of the “Friday Update” Videos

  1. Reduces Anxiety
  2. Less emails and calls by clients (because they are informed)
  3. Keeps all parties on the same page
  4. Provides assurance that the process is moving along
  5. Friday Updates are comforting.

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