House Hunter Updates

These videos offer education specifically targeted to folks who are already pre-approved and shopping for their home. Get the education you need when you need it.  Topics include:

  • Market updates.
  • Clarification on who does what in the transaction.
  • Common missteps that buyers make and how to avoid them.
home Buyers Puget Sound Mortgage Market

Shoppers Market Update – Get While the Getting is Good!

A reminder to our pre-approved shoppers to hold on to hope and dig their heels...
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Puget Sound Home Buyers Update

Shoppers Market Update – Keep Your Numbers Updated

The market is volatile and rates change daily so be sure the decisions you’re making...
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Waiting to buy a house in today's mortgage market

Shoppers Market Update – The Cost of Waiting

You’re pre-approved, you’re on the hunt for a house, and the math supports your decision!
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Best Practices in today's housing market

Shoppers Market Update – Best Practices in Today’s Housing Market

We are seeing more and more multiple offer situations and escalations to the sales price...
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Fast as Cash Program Fees Waived

Shoppers Market Update – Fast as Cash Program Fee Waived

Ruby takes a dive into what the fees for our Fast-as-Cash program really look like...
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