Requested Documents for a Home Mortgage Application

The requested documentation varies based on the unique situation of the borrower. The following checklist outlines the most commonly Requested Documents for a home mortgage loan. Gather what you can for your meeting with your loan officer; it doesn’t have to be perfect to get started!

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Please submit a complete loan application before you meet with your loan officer.


  • 30 days’ worth of paystubs.
  • W2s/1099s from the last two years.
  • For purchases, snapshots of the account balances for the accounts that the down payment money is coming from.
  • For refinances, your most recent mortgage statements.

III. EVERYTHING ELSE (for now…). Some financial lives are more complicated than others. This is an overview of what we may need, given your specific situation.

If you are self-employed or paid as a 1099 contractor:

  • All pages of tax returns from the most recent two years, including:
    • Schedule C for sole proprietors.
    • All pages and schedules of business tax returns from the most recent two years, including K-1s for all partners and shareholders, for LLCs and S-Corps.

If you own investment properties:

  • All schedules (all pages) of personal tax returns from the most recent two years, including Schedule E.

For all liquid assets (checking/savings accounts):

  • Bank statements (all pages) from the past two months for all accounts referenced on the loan application.

For all assets (checking, savings, IRA, 401K, mutual funds)*:

  • Two monthly statements (all pages) from the most recent two months.


  • Most recent quarterly statement (all pages).

*If you’re not sure exactly what we need, please ask your loan officer, as every program has slightly different requirements.

If you print online statements, please print every page (even the one left blank) and make sure your name, the financial institution’s name, the account number, and dates of the statement period appear on every page. We need it all.

Important Notes:

  • Please let us know if you have not filed your tax return or if you have filed for an extension. This impacts the loan process significantly.
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen, also include a copy of the front and back of your green card or visa.
  • A copy of your divorce decree only if you receive child support or alimony and have included child support or alimony as income on your loan application (Please note that you do not need to reveal child support/alimony or separate maintenance payments unless you wish to rely on that income in determination of creditworthiness). There are a few other very specific instances when we may ask for a copy, and we’ll share those at the time.
  • Gift letters are prepared once you’ve found the property. For now, we need to know how much and what family member is giving the gift.

Securely upload your documents!

We take your personal security seriously, and encourage you to use one of our tools to send us your information securely. Please reach out to your loan officer to learn more about our mobile app and SecureDock. If you do not have a loan officer you are working with yet, email or call 206-789-8629.

WHILE NOT REQUIRED, we kindly ask that you contribute a non-perishable food item to our ongoing food drive for FamilyWorks. Thank you!