Conventional Disclosure Pack Contents:

Fax cover sheet - to easily return your disclosures to us via fax.

This is a cover sheet that we encourage you to use if you have signed then by hand.

A generic letter prepared by our compliance department.

Cover letter – from “Your team at Evergreen Home Loans dba Salmon Bay Community Lending” and our address.

1003 - The formal loan application.

We generated this with all of the information you’ve given us so far. This is a living document that changes throughout the loan process, as documentation is reviewed and updated by the various people who work on your loan.

Loan Estimate.

This is an estimate of all of the costs associated with your loan. Numbers on this form are rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

Total Interest Paid.

The total amount of interest you will pay on your loan, if you make all payments as agreed, without any extra payments.

Privacy Policy.

Outlines how Salmon Bay Community Lending and Evergreen Home Loans protect your privacy, as well as what we share of your information when we need to in order to close your loan.

Fair Credit Reporting Act.

A disclosure regarding your credit report, stating that we did or will request it, and that if this loan is not closed, you have the right to obtain a copy of the report within 60 days.

Equal Credit Opportunity Act Notice.

Notice that it is prohibited by federal law to discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age, or because any income is derived from public assistance.

Mortgage Fraud FBI.

Mortgage Fraud is illegal. There are several ways to commit mortgage fraud. They include but are not limited to: intentionally misleading us regarding your income, how much debt you have, or about how you intend to use the home (are you telling us you are going to live in it, but really want to rent it). The FBI investigates Mortgage Fraud, and this disclosure tells you that.

Hazard Insurance Authorization, Requirements and Disclosure.

This disclosure outlines the lender’s requirements regarding the minimums for Hazard Insurance (also known as Homeowners insurance) for the subject property. For information about insurance requirements in Washington State, please visit the Office of the Insurance Commissioner’s website.

Ack of Receipt of RESPA Homeownership Counseling Organizations List.

You are acknowledging the receipt of the list immediately following this disclosure.

Homeownership Counseling Organizations list.

A list of counseling organizations approved by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to offer independent advice about mortgages. This list has been generated based on the address of the home you are buying.

Risk-Based Pricing Disclosure Acknowledgement.

Acknowledging that you have received the two disclosures: Your Credit Score and The Price you Pay for Credit, and Notice to the Home Loan Applicant. Your Credit Score is the last two pages of your credit report. The Notice to Home Loan Applicant is the next disclosure in your pack.

Credit Score Disclosure.

This is the “Notice to the Home Loan Applicant” referenced above. It tells you that the lender is required to share your credit score with you. It also encourages you to review your credit information in order to make sure that it is accurate.

Patriot Act Information.

Financial institutions are required to ask for certain information to verify that you are not a terrorist.


A form that requests a copy of your tax transcripts from the IRS. We use your tax transcripts to verify the information on your tax returns.

Ack of Receipt of Your Home Loan Tool Kit.

Acknowledging the receipt of your Home Loan Tool Kit. This toolkit is at the end of your disclosure package.

Appraisal Report for Lender’s Use Disclosure (Higher-Risk).

This disclosure states that the appraisal that will be prepared is for the sole use of the lender. The (Higher-Risk) version of the form is used in all disclosure packages, regardless of whether or not the loan you are pursuing is actually a Higher-Risk loan. Higher Risk loans are rare, and we will communicate with you if your chosen program is considered higher risk.

Washington Addendum to Loan Application.

All unmarried borrowers are required to complete this disclosure to determine if they are in a domestic partnership. Washington grants persons in domestic partnerships the same legal rights as those persons who are married. As a community property state, this means that people in domestic partnerships are sharing ownership with their partners, even if the partners are not on the loan or on title. This form allows us to make sure we are aware of any individuals who may have a right to be on title, but are not connected to the loan itself.

Interest Rate Lock Agreement.

This disclosure is included if your loan is locked at the time the package is prepared. It details that your lock is guaranteed, and the terms of your locked interest rate.

FHA disclosure pack contains:

All of the above referenced disclosures, and

FHA Amendatory clause and Real Estate certification.

This disclosure amends the purchase contract in order to remove any penalty regarding forfeiture of earnest money should the appraised value of the property not meet the purchase price.

FHA Important Notice to Homebuyers.

The Important Notice to Homebuyers is from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD requires that you have read this information prior to moving forward with your loan. The disclosure covers: Interest Rate and Discount Points, Loan Fraud, Discrimination, Prepayment of your loan, and FHA Mortgage insurance.

FHA Informed Consumer Choice Disclosure Notice.

This disclosure compares FHA financing to Conventional financing of a $100,000 loan. The numbers bear no relation to your loan. This is purely for comparison.

FHA Get a Home Inspection.

This disclosure encourages you to ask for a home inspection. This inspection is different from the appraisal, and is something should be discussed with and coordinated by your real estate agent.

FHA Identity of Interest Certification.

This disclosure is used to identify if anyone involved in the transaction has any interest in the transaction beyond the normal course of business. These relationships are defined as familial or business relationships with the seller of the property.

FHA Notice to Homeowner.

The Notice to Homeowner discusses the instances in which an FHA mortgage might be assumed by another party, and the instances in which it may not.

FHA Borrower’s Contract with Respect to Hotel and Transient Use of Property.

You are not allowed to use your home for transient or hotel purposes while you have an FHA insured mortgage on the property.

FHA No HUD Warranty.

This disclosure states that HUD makes no statements or warranties in regards to the condition of the home you are buying. This means that if something is wrong with the house, HUD isn’t responsible.

FHA Occupancy and Financial Statement.

We use this disclosure to indicate how you intend to occupy the property and that the loan is being given to you on the basis of the information you have provided to the lender. Should you intentionally mislead the lender and HUD in the process of obtaining the loan, there are several serious penalties.

FHA Energy Efficient Mortgages Fact Sheet.

This disclosure is included to outline the costs and eligibility of obtaining an Energy Efficient Mortgage.

FHA Lead Paint Disclosure.

Information about lead poisoning, what to do about lead poisoning, how to determine if your home has lead paint in it, and what to do if it does.

FHA HUD addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application.

This addendum to the loan application includes several sections. Part 2 covers items that the lender certifies are true. Part 3 is a notice to the Borrower regarding the privacy of your information. Part 4 grants permission for your social security number to be verified. Part 5 certifies information included on the loan application.

FHA Electronic Signature Disclosure.

This disclosure indicates that you intend to sign your loan documents electronically.