“My current mortgage isn’t working for me anymore. Help!” There are many different reasons why your current loan might not fit you anymore. You might want to use the equity to take care of other projects, or maybe you just want to lower the rate.  As your life changes, sometimes your mortgage needs to change too. Below are three different paths forward to make that change.

Which one of these scenarios is closest to your situation?

What are rates like these days?

Can I lower my monthly payment and/or save money long term?

No rush, I’m just curious about if something better is out there.

How should I start?

How can I use my house to get access to money?

What would the numbers look like if I consolidated some debt, or pulled money for a remodel project?  I want to see if this is a viable direction.

In the next few weeks.

How should I start?

I Want To Refi Right Now!

I know what mortgage I’m looking for and am ready to lock in the rate. Let’s get this done!


How should I start?

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1st Time Homebuyer

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