Move or Improve?

Hot on the heels of our August “Move or Improve” class we’re hosting another one! If you missed last month’s class and would like to learn about buying before you sell OR renovating the home you currently own check out our in-person classes on the 13th or our virtual class on the 19th!
Move: 6:30-7pm
followed by 15 min Q&A

Improve: 7:15-7:45pm
followed by 15 minute Q&A

In the “Move” section of our Move or Improve class we’ll talk about what to consider when buying a new home and you currently own your home. We’ll discuss things like sources of down payment and what considerations for debt-to-income ratios. We also focus on ways to access the equity in your current home to utilize for your down payment and closing costs and what options are available when you don’t qualify to buy a new home without selling your current home.

In the “Improve” section of our Move or Improve class we look at the different options for financing home renovations and which ones work best for your particular project size.  While the focus of the class is on renovation loans we also touch on residential construction loans & Home Equity Lines of credit. We’ll go through an overview of the approval and construction process as well as discuss what the next steps are in moving your project forward.


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