Yay, You're Under Contract!

What's Next?

Hello, my shoppers. Here you are with a pre-approval letter in hand and hopefully out looking at properties this weekend, 

I want to talk about what happens when you’re under contract. 

We will send you the first part of the transaction Locking Options probably the day after you get under contract or soon after that. 

And that way, we can lock in the rate, and you don’t have to worry about the market changing anymore. 

You will coordinate with escrow to arrange your earnest money. Typically within three days, that money needs to get over escrow. Many escrows will accept a personal check. 

You’ll receive disclosures within three days of getting under contract, so you’ll e-sign a whole bunch of disclosures. There might be a wet sign, but it’s mostly a sign, and then we’ll let you know what documentation needs to be updated. So that’s what happens in the first week after getting under contract.