Meet Mary - Salmon Bay Home Loan Advisor Associate

There is something about Mary. It’s her dedication to insure that our borrowers have a seamless experience toward home ownership or refinancing. Mary also provides quite the sunny disposition to the mortgage industry. Perhaps it’s due to her having lived in the warm climate of Florida for 40 years.

Mary Gaviria Loan Advisor Assistant Salmon Bay Lending SeattleIf you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her, here’s a little Q & A with Mary.

What is something you think everyone should experience?
A long road trip.

What is your favorite place in Seattle so far?
The Pike Place Market!

What is something you want people to understand about mortgage or the mortgage process at Salmon Bay?
The fun of our Friday video mortgage updates.

What is your favorite family recipe?  Deviled eggs.

If money were no object where would you live?  I would have two homes, one in North Carolina and one in the Pacific Northwest.

What is one thing you thought you knew but later found out you were wrong about?  That the older you get, the wiser you get. Not true, you never stop learning lessons.

What is the best way to spend a rainy weekend?  Shopping!

Whether it’s helping you in-person or virtually, you can rest assured that Mary and our team will be there for you to help you accomplish your home financing goals.

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