Home Refinance Timeline

To print or save an abbreviated version of this timeline to your computer, click here.

Choose a loan program. Refinancing your home is all about what works well for you financially, in the short and long term. Once you have chosen a program with the help of your loan officer, we will send you a stack of disclosures to sign and return.

Sign Disclosures. You will receive your disclosures electronically via email. Please review, sign, and click finish. This sends the disclosures back to us to keep your file moving forward. It is possible to sign your disclosures by hand, and we are happy to help with that process as well. For more on disclosures, click here.

Provide income and asset documentation. Your loan officer will let you know what documentation is required for your loan. You will provide this documentation to your loan officer. Click here for a list of commonly required documents.

The lender approves your loan. The lender reviews your information and approves your loan. They also send you paperwork confirming your approval. You do not need to do anything; just keep it in your files.

A home appraisal is scheduled. We will contact you to collect payment and the appraiser will contact your Realtor to schedule the appraisal appointment. If the appraisal value comes in as expected, no further action is needed. If it comes in significantly higher or lower than expected, the terms of the loan may need revising. You pay for the appraisal separately from all other fees and closing costs.

Sign your Closing Disclosure. This is the summary of all of the costs connected to the purchase of your home. This is also a document you sign electronically. You can sign your loan documents three days after you acknowledge the closing disclosure.

The lender declares your loan clear to close. Once the lender has received the appraisal, title, and all of your documentation, they declare the loan clear to close (CTC).

Final docs are sent to escrow. Once your loan is clear to close, the file is put in line for “docs.” This means that the lender sends final loan documents to escrow. This typically takes 2-4 days.

Document signing at the escrow company. Escrow will call you to schedule the signing once they receive the loan docs from the lender. Escrow will let you know if you need to bring a cashier’s check to the signing, and for how much.

Your loan is funded. The refinance will fund on the 4th business day after the signing. For example, if you sign on a Wednesday the loan will fund on Monday (Saturday is considered a business day). Your current loan will be paid off by escrow and your new loan will take its place.

Congratulations! Your refinance is complete.