Seller Pays Closing Costs

A tool back in our tool belt.

Hello, realtors. This week’s tip is all about seller paid closing costs, we haven’t really seen seller pay closing costs as part of negotiations for quite some time. But now that the market is shifting, it is a tool that is back in our tool belt. So I just want to talk about the impact to the buyer, because it’s really, it’s a makes a huge difference. If you are a buyer’s agent looking at potentially offering less than list, or you’re a listing agent, and you’re wanting to either reduce the purchase price or the list price, or just be be more aggressive in in getting the place sold, I highly encourage that you look at doing a credit to the buyers closing costs, instead of a price reduction. For example, if you had an 800 purchase price, and the buyer is putting 20% down, then if you reduce the purchase price by 20,000. So you now have now have a sale price of 780. That’s going to reduce the buyers monthly payment by about $95. Better than a poke in the eye, but not a huge impact. Now, if you offer $20,000 to the buyers closing cost, that’s going to reduce their payment by $400. Because they’re going to be able to bring the rate from a 6% rate approximately to a 5% rate approximately. Oh my God, that’s huge. So since it’s the same impact to the seller, might as well go the route of the closing costs instead of the price reduction because it will have four times the impact. There you go. I hope this is helpful. If you want any help running those numbers for the property that you’re looking at, reach out I’m always happy to help. Have a great one.