From confusion to enlightenment – Danielle’s Story

In her first foray into home ownership, Danielle purchased a home with two mortgages. Shortly after purchasing her home she was in a position to refinance and consolidate her loan. However, Danielle was reluctant to use the previous lender because the experience left her feeling confused and she lacked true insight into what she had just signed off on.

Danielle asked several co-workers who had recently purchased homes in Seattle for recommendations.  They both suggested Ruby Grynberg from Salmon Bay Community Lending. They said Ruby never made them feel uncomfortable asking questions and the team at Salmon Bay was very responsive and friendly.

After Danielle got a divorce, she had the option to sell her house or buy out her ex-husband.  Danielle felt at ease discussing this personal and difficult topic with Ruby. Ruby was not only compassionate and supportive through this situation, she also provided the education Danielle needed to feel confident with her decision to purchase her home instead of selling it.

“Sometimes it is just a feeling you get when you know you can trust someone,” said Danielle.  However, there were many other qualities from her home refinance experience with Salmon Bay Lending that contributed to that trust like “never feeling pushed into do anything.”

Conquering Hard Choices
One key quality about the refinancing process with Ruby that really stood out for Danielle was Ruby’s approach to helping her make decisions that were right for her.  Danielle said Ruby would ask questions like “Where do you want to be 5 years from now?” and “what monthly payment are you comfortable with and what are you not comfortable with?”.  Breaking down the decision making in this manner made sense to Danielle and empowered her to make informed choices about these important financial decisions.

“Figuring out the goals for my future was something that I hadn’t really thought through much, so it was really nice to go through that with Ruby and feel comfortable talking through all the issues. There is a lot more to it than just numbers. It’s your home.”

The Difference
The contrast between Danielle’s first mortgage experience and her experience with Salmon Bay was “a whole other world”. Even though it was Danielle’s second time around, it was the first time she understood everything!

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Home OwnerDanielle
Favorite Thing About Salmon BayTrust
Fun Fact:Ruby & Danielle are both moms of young kids

 Refi With Ruby

First-time Home Owners

You may have a lot of questions if you are considering refinancing.  Going into to the decision to refinance does not have to be confusing.  As Danielle talks about in her interview at Salmon Bay you will be given the time, the patience and the answers you need to make informed decisions and choices that are right for you.  You can count on Salmon Bay:

  • To listen to you and answer all your questions because they know every person’s situation is unique.
  • To patiently provide you the knowledge you need to feel confident about your refinancing.