The CashUp Program

A Program that lets Your Buyer Compete with Cash Offers!

When your buyer finds a property they want to put an offer in on, let us know the terms you’re thinking about offering. We will need you to provide a copy of an inspection. It can be a buyer inspection or a seller inspection. Just copy the inspection and the terms, we send those over to the Cash Up department, and they approve it.

Once we have approval, we’ll send you a certificate. Your borrower’s downpayment funds and the Cash Up program certificate are the proof of funds for a cash offer.  The transaction can close within ten days of the offer. The only stipulation is that you need to ensure that the sellers know that an appraiser will likely need access to the property. We do not need the appraisal report before closing. But we need to keep that moving forward. So an appraiser might need access. Once the purchase closes, the buyers can move into the house if they want to.

Regardless, we will keep moving forward with the loan, and when the loan closes, the title will be transferred into the buyer’s name, and they will become the new legal owners of the house.

It is required that we use Stuart Title and Escrow because they understand the complexity of this program and can execute the transaction smoothly. And we all want that! So let us know as soon as possible when you’re thinking about putting in an offer and using the Cash Up program because it takes about 24 hours for us to approve documents and have the buyer sign a few additional forms.

The total fees for this program add up to about $4,000. That’s very affordable for the leg up it gives your buyers in this market.