Meet Katherine - Your Salmon Bay Concierge!

When you come to visit our office (during non pandemic times 🙂 ), Katherine is the first person you’ll meet.

Whether you visit in person, or virtually, she’ll help you stay on track, or steer you in the right direction for your home finance questions, and needs. Think of her as your graceful finance guardian. And that’s why she’s our Client Concierge extraordinaire.

When she’s not providing stellar customer service to our clients, you’re likely to find Katherine traveling off the beaten path with her husband and daughter, biking around Ballard, or kayaking in the Sound somewhere.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her, here’s a little Q & A with Katherine.

What is something you’d like people to understand about mortgage or the mortgage process at Salmon Bay? Treat your home buying like competing in a playoff game: choose your lender and other team members, and don’t change team members mid-game. 

What fashion trend did you follow that was very cool at the time but no longer is? Everything about the 80s!

What is something you splurge on and what is something you won’t? I will splurge on a spa treatment when on vacation abroad. I will not splurge on dinner at expensive restaurants.

What is your favorite moment at/with Salmon Bay Community Lending? Every time we help a client realize their home ownership dream.

If you came with a warning label what would it say? Have integrity, or don’t talk to me.

What is was your favorite meal as a child? A Chinese New Year banquet!

What is your favorite place in Seattle? Volunteer Park Conservatory.

Whether it’s helping you in-person, or virtually, you can rest assured that Katherine and our team will be there for you to help you accomplish your home financing goals. 

Meet the rest of our team! 

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