Seller Paid Closing Costs

What are the benefits?

Hello House Hunters. I am so excited for you. I just am overjoyed. Because what people want when they’re buying a house is, “oh, wouldn’t it be great if I was buying a home in a market where there wasn’t a ton of crazy competition, but there was a good amount of inventory? And I had time to look at a house, think about it, and then put in an offer.”

Yes, rates are doing what they’re doing. So many people are saying, “well, I’m not going to buy now.” And it makes it all the better for you! 

I’ve touched on seller-paid closing costs. It’s so important. Connecting with your realtor before making an offer to go over the math would be advantageous. Sometimes it can be a stigma if not worked out ahead of time, depending on your realtor’s background around seller-paid closing costs. It also depends on the listing agent’s ideas. 

However, if we can use this to help lessen your cash to close or bring your rate down. 

So in this time, as you’re looking at things, let’s hop back on the calendar, talk about seller pay closing costs, how it might help you make sure you’ve got a good clear look at where rates are right now, and get you that much more ready to put in an offer and probably do a quick close.