Ruby Grynberg
How to Determine Your Home Buying Goals
When it comes to buying your house, it helps to know how much house you can afford before you apply for a home mortgage loan. Watch this video to learn how to determine your short and long-term home buying goals.
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Choosing Your Real Estate Professionals Tips
When you’re ready to buy a house, choosing the right Seattle realtor and mortgage lender are two of the most important components to securing your new home. Watch this video to learn more.
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Ruby during video update
As our market shifts a bit, we’ve started to see Seller Credits be used a bit more during negotiations. They can be great tools to help make the most of your home purchase. In this video, Ruby goes over two different ways to use the credits when structuring your loan. Please let us know if...
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Ruby during a video update
We talk about goals all the time – how much do you want to spend each month, and how much do you plan on contributing to the entire transaction. As we help our clients determine what their target purchase price is, sometimes it turns out that their cash to close is smaller than what they...
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Home Loan Application Tips
When filling out your mortgage application, you’ll need documentation to let your lender know how much you make, how much you have in savings, what dept you have and many other things, such as your work history.
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