In the Drivers Seat – Emily’s Story

Emily says the first time she purchased a home she was “asleep at the wheel” when applying for a home loan. 

The second time around it was a different story.   Emily says after her divorce she dreamed of finding a home of her own. A special, light filled space for her and her daughter.  In seeking a mortgage she chose to work with Salmon Bay Lending and loan officer Ruby Grynberg.  Ruby, a numbers guru, with a passion for teaching and a drive to help people truly understand their financial future immediately put Emily at ease. Emily genuinely appreciated Ruby’s encouragement and enthusiasm which ultimately created a truly engaging mortgage experience.  Ruby and the entire team at Salmon Bay Lending, through their help and guidance, built  Emily’s confidence as she moved forward with purchasing her 2nd home,  this time on her own.

“They’re your team, they’re behind you, they want to see you succeed” Emily says about the most memorable aspect of her experience with Salmon Bay.  In addition to purchasing her 2nd home through Salmon Bay Lending Emily also refinanced with them. She says she would recommend Ruby and her team to anyone looking to buy or refinance a home because they are so welcoming, educational and a huge resource.

Buying a home should be an empowering joyful experience”

There is a bit of leg work that needs to happen to get approval for a home loan but the folks at Salmon Bay Lending understand the reward is great. They strive to create an atmosphere that supports and empowers their clients. 

They see themselves as your team, a support system, that is committed to your end goal. They are invested in helping their clients secure a loan! What sets the team at Salmon Bay apart is their belief  that when someone truly understands the in and outs of taking on a mortgage it leads to financial empowerment.  Providing knowledge and confidence to every homebuyer who walks through their door is the core of Salmon Bay’s mission.

If you’re looking for more living space and want to get pre-approved to buy your first-house, please contact us online or call (206) 789-8629 to schedule an appointment. We’d love to help you with your homeownership goals!

Home BuyersEmily Griffin
Favorite Thing About Salmon BayIt was an empowering experience
Fun Fact:Emily felt so supported during the mortgage process she was able to take control of her financial future in a way not possible before.

First-time Home Owners

Buying a home should be a celebration! When you work with Salmon Bay Community Lending they pack a lot of value into the process. You can count on them to

  • Be dependable & accurate
  • Help you understand and patiently answer your questions
  • Work to reduce your stress and guide you along the way
  • Support you and celebrate with you when you close!