Chiara’s Search for Refinancing

Chiara, a yoga instructor, at 8 Limbs in Phinney Ridge,  wanted to learn about refinancing her home and how a refi could help her simplify her finances for the goal of retirement. 

Chiara says “numbers are not my thing”.  Ideally, she hoped to work with a loan advisor who was also a good teacher.   However, she remained on the fence as she struggled with the impersonal interactions she experienced with 4 different lenders.  She said it was uncomfortable to be spoken to as if  she were a non entity.  Ultimately,  diligence paid off when her search literally landed at her neighbor’s front door. 

That neighbor was Salmon Bay Community Lending known in the community for their unique office which is an inviting blue home with white trim built into a hillside at the corner of NW 80th and Greenwood Ave N.

Chiara smiles as she reminisces about the many times she passed by Salmon Bay Community Lending’s corner. She says Salmon Bay Home Mortgage Officeevery time she would walk or drive by she felt  intrigued by the bright blue house with colorful signage and playful landscaping. Her curiosity turned into action after a friend shared a glowing recommendation of Salmon Bay and Ruby Grynberg stating “they are not like others”. 

What followed for Chiara was the kind of fulfilling, feel-good experience that is generally not associated with the process of refinancing. Salmon Bay Community Lending’s place of business inside and out, the staff, the community vibe, and Ruby’s warm, reliable communication style was everything and more Chiara needed to take the plunge! Simply put she said the decision to go with  Ruby was a “No Brainer”.

Favorite Thing About Salmon BayA beautiful place inside and out
Fun Fact:The first time Chiara walked into Salmon Bay they were having a party. She ending up staying and dancing the night away!

Speak My Language

Ruby explains numbers in manner that is both personal and practical and that is what makes her so good at helping people.  She talks to you about your goals and presents refi options that make sense for your life.  And as you go through the process of securing refinancing Ruby keeps you updated.  Chiara said she absolutely loved Ruby’s personalized Friday update videos that arrived in her email each week. 

Salmon Bay Community Lending offers the type of support and guidance that sets them apart! For many folks going with them for their home loan or refi is a simple choice.