Peace of Mind – The Way Refinancing Can Be

Meleesa had lived in her Rainier Beach home for over 25 years and had paid it off but after her husband died, she decided a remodel would be a way to uplift her through the healing process.

At the end of her remodel Meleesa had taken out loans with numerous big banks. Wanting to make her financial life more manageable, she decided to refinance to consolidate her loans and find a lower interest rate.  She explains that the corporate bank refinancing experience was a confusing, laborious exercise in futility that resulted in missing out on lower interest rates. 

Several years later, interest rates went down again, and Meleesa gave refinancing another shot but this time with Salmon Bay Community Lending. She knew Salmon Bay was a lender focused on building community and heard encouraging references from others who had worked with the local lender.

Refinancing this time around was completely different. Working with Salmon Bay on her refinancing was an enlightening experience. Not only were the folks at Salmon Bay personable and friendly, they were responsive and timely

Home Loan Advisor and branch manager Ruby Grynberg walked Meleesa through the paperwork and helped her secure financing. The smoothness of the process was something she did not expect and went well beyond her expectations!

If you’re looking to refinance your home, and want a friendlier home lending experience, get started here!

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Fun Fact:After her house remodel Meleesa hosted her daughter's wedding!
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A Heartfelt Recommendation

Meleesa has no problem referring Salmon Bay to others, “I recommend working with Ruby Grynberg and Salmon Bay Community Lending because she explains everything in absolutely clear language. I didn’t need to know legal gobbledygook. She is a complete professional and treats you like a person.  She makes this process that can be really daunting – and actually a little bit scary – feel like fun. She is able to make it joyful.”