Real Estate Agents Love Ruby & Her Team 

Tyler McKenzie, broker-owner at J. L. Scott West Seattle says “All buyers need to be pre approved for the simple reason that no seller or seller’s listing broker worth their salt will consider an offer that does not have a pre approval letter attached to it”.  Because being pre-approved is so important Tyler recommends Salmon Bay Lending & Ruby to his clients. Tyler has worked with Ruby for years on dozens of transactions and he knows with certainty that when his clients partner with Salmon Bay that they can trust the outcome.  Tyler is just one of many Seattle real estate agents that consistently refer Ruby to their clients. Nancy Chapin agent for Windermere Realty, says she recommends Salmon Bay to her clients because it will “blow their socks off!” One of Nancy’s favorite things about Ruby is her commitment to supporting and educating home buyers. It makes her confident that her clients are in good hands with Ruby and the Salmon Bay team.

Getting the job done

Pieter Salverda, a real estate agent for Windermere says  “Salmon Bay is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers”.  Strategic thinking is needed to succeed in the competitive Seattle housing market – and it’s one reason why Ruby makes such a great partner for real estate agents. Not only does Pieter recommend Salmon Bay to his clients but to any person or entity involved in the real estate transaction.  Agents rely on multiple industry professionals for expertise, communication, and professionalism to help perform a successful transaction and Pieter knows he can rely on Salmon Bay to do their part and to do it well.

Matthew Skeel, real estate agent at Windermere, agrees wholeheartedly with his colleagues that this Seattle team raises the bar.  Without hesitation Matthew lists the reasons he works with Salmon Bay Community Lending:  “Passion, professionalism, accountability, performance.” Matthew has worked with Salmon Bay on dozens of transactions and says he has never had one go awry.  He attributes this success to the diligent work Ruby and her team do and the fact they stay connected throughout the process.

If you’re in the real estate industry & want to connect with a trusted mortgage team that has a passion for helping people secure the right loan for their dream home we would love to hear from you!

Real Estate AgentsMatthew Skeel, Nancy Chapin, Tyler McKenzie, Pieter Salverda, Amanda Miller
Favorite Thing About Salmon BaySalmon Bay Lending can be counted on!
Fun Fact:Salmon Bay is playing chess when everyone else is playing checkers!

The Salmon Bay Difference

Amanda Miller, real estate agent at Coldwell Banker, works with many people who are buying a home for the first time. As an experienced agent, she is fully aware how complicated and confusing the mortgage experience can be, especially for folks who have not purchased a home before.

Amanda refers Ruby Grynberg & her team at Salmon Bay Lending, to her clients. She knows Ruby is the perfect loan officer to break through the confusion that often accompanies the first time loan experience. After meeting with Ruby, Amanda says her clients are more informed and confident about purchasing a home.

Amanda points out the difference between Ruby and other lenders is her personable style and the effort she makes to educate buyers. Ruby wants to make sure buyers are fully aware of how their financing will effect them now and into the future. Ruby’s process shines a light on 2 very important factors for home buyers. One, exactly how much cash will be required to close and two, the exact monthly payment.

In Amanda’s experience when her clients’ walk out of Salmon Bay they understand how a mortgage works better than they did before. She feels this knowledge provides a new confidence to the home buyer which ultimately frees her up to focus on what she does best, finding the perfect home for her client!