Happy Clients

We love what we do so much because we consistently create happy clients. Here is what some of them have had to say about working with us.

Ruby Grynberg – Branch Manager
Ring the bells for another successful home mortgage
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Meleesa W.

The SBCL office is welcoming and lovely  – a very pleasant place to talk about important financial matters. I recommend Salmon Bay Community Lending for a calm, professional  assistance with a complex financial transaction

Britt A.

Ruby and the team at Salmon Bay are AMAZING! She helped my wife and I get a mortgage loan during some truly unprecedented volatility in the market. Ruby is well informed, strategic, trustworthy, compassionate, smart and a fantastic advocate and communicator. We’re so lucky to have connected with her and her team and thrilled with the results!

Realtor Tyler McKenzie


Professionalism, dependability, consistency, integrity, follow-through (all with a sense of warmth and humor) are only some of the qualities I and my clients may count on when working with the team. Ruby Grynberg and her amazing fellow mortgage consultants have closed dozens upon dozens of deals for my clients. Incredibly, we have a PERFECT on-time closing record.

Jason R.

Ruby and Paige guided me through a complicated refinance tied to a legal case over property in a divorce settlement. Their grace, good humor, steady confidence, and overall caring for the client made a very difficult situation much more bearable. They timed everything perfectly with the parallel legal case and I came through it all whole. Many thanks to Salmon Bay Lending!

Susan F.

“You guys helped me through the biggest decision of my life. Thanks so much!”

Dian T.

“I am newly pregnant and worried because we are at the finish line and my entire life is about to change in major ways. I think I am a little scared. Suddenly I am going to own my own home and for the first time ever my name is going to be on my house. That’s huge! Thanks for being you! I am so thankful.”

Yvonne Y.

“Everything went great and Nancy (our escrow agent) said she was so impressed she could kiss you!”

Forest D.

The staff are fabulous and make the process of lending a joy. They were with every step of the way and made the journey fun and they answered every question (I had many) quickly and efficiently.I highly recommend Salmon Bay for their expertise, friendliness, and flat out ability to get the job done.

Margaret D.

“Our pleasure (for the referral). I’m a big believer in referrals—as an attorney, I see how stressful it is for my friends to find the right people to advise them, ranging from lawyers, bankers, accountants etc. I love it when I have a good name to pass on. We’ve enjoyed doing business with you!”

Jeffrey F.

Ruby Grynberg and her team are outstanding. They are one of the reasons I got my house in this crazy, crazy market. They were always clear, responsive, and thorough. I cannot recommend them highly enough

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Carlos A. M.

‘Ruby does an amazing job understanding your needs, and translating that into a good action plan. She sees both the big picture and the nitty-gritty details really well, and has amazing judgment for recommending which option to go with. I always enjoy our talks in front of a spreadsheet! That’s because she patiently discusses the pros and cons of changing each factor.”

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Geoff K.

Thank you team Salmon Bay Community Lending for helping us get a home refinance loan that worked for all our needs. Ruby took the time, and then some, to answer our endless questions, and Paige was wonderful in helping us stay on track. It was quite a pleasant experience.

Jennifer Lynn M.

Crystal-clear communication from our first conversation all the way to closing, sound education for us on how home loans work (I feel like I ACTUALLY understood what was happening and what all the numbers meant the whole way through, as a complete novice), proactive check-ins for 1.5 years just to make sure Salmon Bay stayed updated on our process, professionalism in all forms of correspondence, a team that inspired so much confidence with their expertise (special shout out to Paige here), responsiveness, kindness and cheerfulness without exception, proactive outreach to the seller’s agent when we made an offer, local credibility and relationships that certainly played a role in getting us our house

David M.

“Every month when I pay my mortgage (woohoo!), I pray to the house gods to bless you in every possible way. You and your company are a model, for ethics and for kindness and caring about people. Most folks just say it, you DO IT!”


I just refinanced my home with Salmon Bay Community Lending. This is the third transaction I have completed with Ruby and her team and they were, as always, amazing communicators and a dream to work with. Real estate transactions are stressful and there are a lot of moving pieces. However, I always felt informed and like I knew where I was in the process and what steps needed to be taken to get to closing.

Jessia A.

The Salmon Bay team was wonderful, helping us first time homebuyers tremendously through a new and nerve-wracking process. They made it so much easier than we could have ever dreamed of. Communication and support is truly top tier here!

Jon and Connie K.

“Thank you both for all you did for our refinance. I cannot believe how easy it all was. We will certainly be recommending Salmon Bay Community Lending. We were very impressed. Please continue what you do. Much success to you all.”


Scott, my lender, was so kind and patient and I appreciate him so much. He took a great deal of consideration to provide me everything for my best interest and I enjoyed talking to him. This company totally deserves to be recognized because they are very good at what they do and their services made such a positive impact on my life.

Zach and Marketa M.

“Ruby helped us finance our first house and was great to work with. Most importantly, she wasn’t comfortable approving us for more than we budgeted because she truly wanted to help us find a house we loved and could afford.”

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Mo F.

“I didn’t know mortgage brokers came in such a great package. My experience with Salmon Bay felt totally personalized. Ruby is very clear about the math, the pre-approval process, and establishing expectations. She asks important questions and cares about your individual goals. The whole Salmon Bay team was very supportive and responsive. I trusted the process the entire way. Seattle has a lot of great local businesses, this is one of them!”

Redfin - Home Buyer

If you’re looking for a loan, they’ll find you the best thing out there. We refinanced a home with them that we thought for sure we wouldn’t be able to afford to refi, and then later used them again to finance our new home. They have a secure service for supplying documents (loan apps, proof of financials, etc), which is awesome. So many companies in this industry seem to be stuck in the dark ages. If you like the way Redfin does things, you should definitely check out Salmon Bay. They’re a great match

Elisa W.

I changed lenders for my new home purchase and I am so glad I did. Not that the previous lender did anything wrong, but Ruby made the process so much easier to understand. The worksheets to best understand our qualifying rates and what our closing costs needed to be to get the mortgage rate we wanted were priceless in helping us to understand what was going on.

Marilyn H.

“We want to thank you so much for your great care and kindness as we moved through our fairly complex refinance. You are a gem in the field of mortgages lending, and a delight to work with.”

Stephanie C.

Ruby is a delight. They were very helpful and gave me options I wasn’t aware of. And their Friday update videos are quick and informative

Alex W.

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on my Mortgage Re-Fi. This was my third time working with Salmon Bay Lending and I must say it gets better every time. =)”

Anthony D.

Highly recommended. Ruby and her team are committed to educating homebuyers as well as ensuring smooth and efficient closings!

Samantha W.

The entire process was seamless and simple. The online application was easy to navigate and only asked the necessary questions. The weekly video updates ensured we knew where we were at in the process and limited the amount of hands-on action we had to take to finalize the process. I would highly recommend Spin, Ruby, and the whole team at Salmon Bay Community Lending!

Suzanne and Kerry C.

“We really feel you went above and beyond. Trying to coordinate both buying and selling a house seemed like an endless number of loan permutations and possibilities and you were so patient with all my questions and concerns. In the end, it couldn’t have worked out more smoothly. We felt very well taken care of.”