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Salmon Bay Community Lending was born out of the desire to create a different kind of mortgage company, one with rockin' rates, honest customer service, and colorful walls. Because when I started out in the mortgage business, I struggled to find a company that allowed me to give my clients both flexibility and security. And no matter where I went, the walls were always beige!

So in 2005, I took out a business license, bought an enormous printer, and started my own shop.

At first it was just me, but that didn't last long. Within months I welcomed another loan officer, and soon after a loan processor, and we have been growing one incredible person after another ever since.

Two years in, our team started really growing.

Tandem pregnancies within a team of three inspired us to think about how we wanted to balance work and life once the babies arrived. We dreamed about an office culture and space that would allow us to work and be moms. Our desire for this balance was so strong and the idea was, frankly, so good that we had to go for it.

In April 2007, we bought our second office, hired an on-site babysitter, painted the walls orange, and opened our doors to clients old and new. Within a year, we were the only 100% independent, woman-owned mortgage brokerage in Seattle. We have managed to grow every year since, both in terms of the size of our business, and the wonderful people who fill our office.

In 2012, we finally admitted that we had outgrown our office on 52nd, and began the process of looking for a new space. Our requirements were that it couldn't be square and it couldn't be beige. We were staying in Ballard, and wanted to be as sustainable and local as possible. Our new office is the wonderful product of nine months of hard work, and feels like the perfect expression of how we do things differently. We all have standing desks, the workstations are made out of recycled doors, and we've got an inversion bar to stretch your back out and get some blood flow to the head. We continue to offer onsite childcare to our clients and ask that all clients bring a contribution for the Ballard Food Bank along with their income and asset documentation. We're still ringing the big Tibetan cowbells to mark every funding.

In 2014, we made another decision about the growth and direction of Salmon Bay. After much research and thought, we joined American Pacific Mortgage Corp. By strengthening our back end operations, we are able to give more focused attention to each and every client. APMC has been in business since 1996, and as a company they are dedicated to the same values of transparency and respect as we are. Their core values, along with a deep appreciation for ingenuity and tenacity, has proved to be an excellent fit for us, allowing us to offer more programs and better service to our community.

While many brokerages rely on massive call centers and internet leads, we have grown solely through referrals, working with and for our community. As our industry and country recovers from the collapse in 2008, Salmon Bay Community Lending offers a new vision for how a financial institution can look and feel, where imagination is celebrated with every breath.

I know that our commitment to our vision helped us get where we are, and it will help us enjoy future success. But I also know that we wouldn't be here if not for our wonderful clients and colleagues. We love working with and for you, and we thank you. If we are meeting you for the first time, welcome to the Salmon Bay family!

Wishing you health, happiness, and the home of your dreams,

Ruby Grynberg, Branch Manager