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Ready to start the process? Great! There are two things to do: complete an application and fill out a Purchase or Refinance addendum. You will create a user ID to complete this application and you can always log out and come back to finish up later. Remember, the more detail you provide, the better we can customize options and answers just for you. If you’re looking for a specific loan officer, you’ll have the chance to select them in the application.

To apply online, click one of the following links:

We've got just a couple more crucial questions! Please select the Getting Started Worksheet and send either to your loan officer or

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Getting Started Worksheet

Paper applications

If online applications make you want to pull out your hair, we're happy to send you a word document. Please give us a call at 206.789.8629 or email and we'll get one right over to you.

Privacy Policy

Please open the document below to read the details of our privacy policy. The short version of our privacy policy is this: we don’t sell your information, and we only share it in the normal course of business to close your loan, and then to share information with you after your loan has closed that we think you might be interested in!

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Privacy Policy

Five Tips for a Smooth Sailing Loan
  • Tell All - Job change? Large deposits? Bankruptcy? The more we know about your financial situation from the get go, the better we can facilitate your loan.
  • Be Thorough - Taking the time to collect complete income and asset documents in the beginning means there is less chance we will ask you for more documentation down the road.
  • Lay Low on Credit - Underwriters review your credit throughout the loan process, so avoid incurring new debt or making large charges until you close.
  • Know Your Goals and Limits - The more clarity you have on your goals for your home and how much you can comfortably afford, the better we can structure a mortgage that fits.
  • Keep Us in the Loop on Travel Plans - Planning to travel for work or fun during the loan process? Please let us know in advance so we can stay on top of deadlines and close on time.